Virtual BDC provides dealers with a complete or partial BDC phone, text and email solution for dealerships looking to increase engagements with internet sales leads.

Here’s how it works:

A new lead comes into your CRM and is assigned to a salesperson. We send out our first quality response using BCP for Sales 24/7/365. Then, we introduce our Smart Follow-up system via phone, text & email to engage your customer and set more appointments.

Virtual BDC will continue to use the contact center (BDC) to work your leads for 90 days or until an appointment is set. Your dealership profile is built during onboarding and will be assigned to a team that understands your business.

We use highly-skilled automotive contact center agents located in Detroit to work internet sales leads for up to 90 days or until an appointment is set. Fully transparent process so your hands stay on the wheel at all times.