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Leadership Advice

Leveraging the Power of Your CRM

November 20, 2019 By Matthew Belk
Your CRM is your biggest asset or your largest waste in spend. Understand how to use your CRM to track customer interaction and sell more cars.
Sales Tricks

Analyzing Your Dealership's Customer Engagement

November 13, 2019 By Matthew Belk
Analyzing your customer engagement helps improve conversions in your dealership. Implement changes, and you'll see your sales increase.
Sales Tricks

The Fundamentals of Communication

November 6, 2019 By Matthew Belk
Chat, video, and text: 3 fundamental ways you communicate with your customers prior to in-store visits. Make sure you and your team are experts in these.
Sales Tricks

4 Tips for Great Customer Engagement

October 23, 2019 By Matthew Belk
Spend time on your initial engagements: you'll save yourself time down the road. Here are 4 tips to help you drive customer engagement with quality work.
Leadership Advice

4 Types of Failed Phone Calls

October 16, 2019 By Matthew Belk
Outdated information or unmanaged systems lead to lost customers. Take a moment to learn some easy steps to better customer communication.
Sales Tricks

The Key to Selling More Appointments

October 9, 2019 By Matthew Belk
There are four areas to strive towards when selling. Make sure you have mastered these to increase your customer base and CSI.
Sales Tricks

Driving Growth: A Plan

October 2, 2019 By Matthew Belk
Here’s a plan that will help you get a grip on the growth (or lack thereof) in your dealership. Focus on people, processes, technology/tools, and metrics.
Sales Tricks Service Tips

Driving Digital Leads

September 25, 2019 By Matthew Belk
Dealerships and agencies optimize for efficiency, which looks great on paper but bad in sales. Optimize towards leads that are more likely to convert.
Leadership Advice

Performance Management and Metrics

September 18, 2019 By Matthew Belk
Sticking to performance fundamentals will improve your contact ratio, appointment ratio, overall measurement, and your ability to achieve long-term goals.

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