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DMN Response™

Generate More Revenue
From Your Onstar Leads

Generate more revenue from your Onstar leads while spending less time managing leads improves your BDC's overall efficiency by increasing your DMN close rate, average dollar per RO, appointment penetration rate and prioritizing your follow-up.

DMN Response by Better Car People (BCP)

Let Customers Set Appointments On Their Phone

Within 10 minutes of a Service lead entering your CRM, we send an interactive, mobile friendly, self-service email leading consumers to quickly and easily schedule an appointment. Once the appointment is set, we send the information back to you and your CRM. You’ll instantly see if an appointment is set or declined.

DMN Response Agent for Better Car People (BCP) Setting Appointment on Mobile
DMN Response Agents for Better Car People (BCP)

Over 2 Million Appointments

Over 30% of GM dealers already use DMN Response, leading to over 2 million appointments being created. We take the heavy-lifting and guesswork off of you.

Spend Wisely and Spend Less

PASE-approved Service BDC Enabler, OSS, and XTime integrated.

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BCP Outbound™

Our automotive agents make it their priority to mine your inactive, recall, pull-ahead, and loyalty program lists for new opportunities.

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Active DMN™

Call customers who haven't engaged with our self-service, DMNresponse email notification. We schedule appointments while we have them on the phone.

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