BCP for Sales answers internet leads for dealerships at uncomfortable times. Here’s how it works:

A new lead comes into your CRM and is assigned to a salesperson. The lead is then sent to Better Car People. We grab the lead and using our massive content library, we automatically create a fantastic response complete with model specific information, questions, photographs, and brochure links.

Then we have real people who review the response and make sure everything is just right. We then send it back in the salesperson's name to the customer. We also let the salesperson know what we’ve just sent them.

We're available 24/7/365 and our average response time is less than 10 minutes

Live people 24/7/365

Live people 24/7/365

Live people 24/7/365

Completely Customizable

Live people 24/7/365

Responds to Customer in Less than 10 minutes

Live people 24/7/365

Increase contact ratio on Average from 5% to 50%

BCP for Sales answers your internet sales leads with a personalized, model specific response.

We are not an auto-responder; we use real people to address customers' specific questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are we an Autoresponder?

We cringe every time we hear that “A” word, but we forgive you. We utilize technology and LIVE people to create a dynamic customized response for each incoming lead.

Do we call customers?

Yes, we're glad you asked. Virtual BDC is our newest product that follows your lead from the initial response until the appointment is set.

Do we answer customer questions?

Yes, well sort of. Think of it like an alley-oop in basketball. We give it a personal touch by acknowledging the customer’s questions or comments then you slam it home when your dealership personnel addresses their needs more in-depth.

Are there choices on what the response looks like?

Absolutely, we can customize the response to be as involved or as basic as you would like. We will make recommendations on what we know will work but in the end this is YOUR response and will respond in the way you would like it done.

Will you work with my CRM?

More than likely. In fact, we work with over 40 CRM’s so there is a good chance we will work with yours.