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For the last two decades, we have been automotive experts and adapted to the ever-changing technology in dealerships. Better Car People has led the transformation from analogue to digital, ushering in the internet age of automotive retail sales. We offer solutions for sales and service BDCs, internet lead responses and training to help dealerships get the most out of their budgets.


Our Fully Powered BDC's

Our Sales and Service BDCs offer the most complete and effective customer engagement solution to convert online leads into on-site appointments.

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Sales BDC™

A Virtual BDC & So Much More

Cut out the time-consuming task of manually calling customers and start building relationships with them. Our engagement platform allows you to make meaningful connections, set up appointments and increase your dealership's success.

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Sales BDC Solution
Service BDC Solution
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Service BDC™

Omni-Channel Engagement Solution

From inbound phone calls to outbound engagement, Service BDC™ generates more revenue from your service leads and gets more customers back in your dealership.

Supercharge Your Service Leads  

Our Core Sales & Service Solutions

Get your customer engagement journey off to a great start with our Core solutions. 24/7 engagement has never been so simple – or so effective.

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Service to Sales™

Mine the Opportunities in Your Service Department

Connect with customers when they are ready to buy. Turn service customers into sales opportunities.

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Service to Sales Solution
First Quality Response Solution
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First Quality Response™

Engage Your Leads Immediately

Ignoring leads for longer than 10 minutes means losing customers to someone else. That’s why we offer a 24/7/365 lead response system that uses proprietary technology and live, on-shore agents.

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Campaign Calls™

Your Lowest Priority is Our Only Priority

Our automotive agents make it their priority to mine your inactive, recall, pull-ahead, and loyalty program lists for new opportunities.

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Outbound Solution
Connected Response Solution
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Connected Response™

Generate More Revenue From Your Connected Car Alerts

Connected Response™ helps turn your connected car alerts into appointments. Increase your close rate, average dollar per RO, appointment penetration rate, and more.

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Active Connect™

Looking to Get Even More From Your Connected Car Alerts?

As an extension of your service department, we call those who haven't engaged with our self-service, Connected Response™ email notification. We schedule appointments while we have them on the phone.

Supercharge Your Connected Car Alerts  

Active Connect Solution

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