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Engaging with customers is the key to success. Better Car People provides 24/7 omnichannel engagement solutions to help you increase sales volume, service appointments and customer satisfaction. Let us help you take your dealership to the next level!


Why Better Car People is Trusted Across the Nation

Our success in generating appointments, leads, and custom follow-up processes proves why leading dealers, dealer groups, and OEMs trust us with their most valuable asset: their customers.

Service Appointments Scheduled

Sales Leads Reviewed (by Live Agents)

Live Agents & Cutting Edge AI

45% of Your Leads Come In After-Hours

Customers expect fast personalized responses, even outside of business hours. With our comprehensive engagement solutions, you can provide them with a personalized experience that provides quality responses.

Live Agents of Better Car People (BCP)
Better Car People's (BCP) Omni-Channel Platform

Complete Omni-Channel Approach

Engage With Customers Where They Are

Our omni-channel approach ensures your dealership can respond to customers however they reach out: Chat, Text, or Phone.

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