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Active Connect™

Are You Looking to Get Even
More From Your Connect Car Alerts?

Our follow-up call solution takes Connected Response™ a step further by making an outbound phone call to customers who don’t take action from our initial response, helping your dealership set even more appointments from your Connected Car alerts.

Active Connect by Better Car People

Spend Wisely and Spend Less

We work with multiple OEMs and Service Schedulers.

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We Focus on Setting Appointments

You focus on providing excellent customer service, we focus on setting appointments. Better Car People calls those who haven't engaged with our self-service, Connected Response™ email notification. We schedule appointments while we have them on the phone.

We’ve Set Over 700,000 Service Appointments So Far.

Let your prospects know that you’re open for business as soon as you open--surprise them with an email that makes the online shopping experience informative, easy, and fast.

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Our automotive agents make it their priority to mine your inactive, recall, pull-ahead, and loyalty program lists for new opportunities.

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Connected Response™

Turn your connected car alerts into appointments. Increase your close rate, average dollar per RO, appointment penetration rate, and more.

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