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BCP Outbound™

Prioritize Engagement & Get Customers Back in Your Dealership

Working available customer opportunity lists (i.e., manifest lists) takes time and resources. Our team of experienced customer contact agents makes it their priority to surface new opportunities from your inactive, recall, pull-ahead, and loyalty program lists.

BCP Outbound by Better Car People (BCP)

Stages of the Buying Cycle are HARD

Staying on top of customers in all stages of the buying cycle is a difficult task to accomplish. With Contact Center, you can focus on what is in front of you--we will focus on retention, inactive customers and setting more appointments for you.

BCP Outbound Agent for Better Car People (BCP)
BCP Outbound Agents for Better Car People (BCP) Making Phone Calls

We Take Care of the Calls That Don't Make Your To-Do List

Customers look for it. Now they have it from your dealership. Self-service options allow customers to set appointments with your dealership without a phone call from you! Saves you time and gives them the experience they want.

We Cheat for You — Not on You

Why is our team so effective? We cheat. Using technology alongside old school phone calls gives us the advantage!

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Sales BDC™

Stop dialing for dollars and start having conversations. We engage with your customers, set appointments, and get more opportunities into your dealership.

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Overnight BDC™

Don’t rely on an automated response that ignores customer questions. 45% of your leads come in after-hours. These customers deserve better engagement!

Ready for 24/7/365 Engagement?  

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DMN Response™

Generate more revenue from your Onstar leads while spending less time managing those leads.

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Active DMN™

Call customers who haven't engaged with our self-service, DMN response email notification. We schedule appointments while we have them on the phone.

Supercharge Your DMN  

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