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Outsourced Automotive BDC

Manage new and incoming traffic and free up your sales and service teams to do what they do best: close deals and retain customers. Outsourced BDC companies like Better Car People take care of collecting new leads, setting appointments, and more, so your teams can focus on building relationships.


Who Needs Outsourced Automotive BDC Solutions?

Customer engagement fuels the automotive industry. Whether you run one dealership or 100 and sell cars, trucks, RVs, or ATVs, you may need an outsourced BDC.

Single Dealerships

Single dealerships are thinking about how to do more with less. Outsourcing their BDC saves them time better spent growing the business.

Dealership Groups

When mid-sized dealership groups consider how to make their operations more efficient as they scale, outsourced BDC is often the answer.

Corporate Dealer Groups

With hundreds of locations, corporate dealer groups turn to outsourced BDC services to handle a high volume of calls quickly and efficiently.

Business Benefits of Outsourced BDCs

Every missed call is a potential missed customer – and every answered call is potential revenue. Here’s how an outsourced BDC can make a big difference for your business.

Stay Flexible

Outsourced BDCs operate like an extension of your company, without any of the drawbacks. You won’t have to deal with hiring and training a team, worry about keeping them busy, or overwork them when sales are good. Instead, you get a flexible, scalable partner that allows you to quickly adapt to changes in the market – or in your marketing strategy. You can start small, then scale, and they’ll scale with you. Or, you can stay right where you are.


Lower Overhead Costs

Outsourcing your staffing needs is just one part of the cost benefits. You’re also outsourcing your need for call center space, equipment, software and hardware, and vendor contracts. An in-house automotive BDC requires significant CapEx, and when you minimize this investment, you get a stronger ROI.

Keep Customers Happy

In the automotive industry, first impressions matter. Outsourced BDC companies help ensure that every call is picked up, every question is answered, and every customer comes away with a good first impression. They’ll learn your products and services so they can provide the information customers need and handle complaints. And they’ll be open 24/7 so you don’t miss after-hours calls.


Help Your Sales Team

An outsourced sales BDC isn’t a replacement for your team – it’s a complement. It can help your team increase their sales by taking care of the leg work: handling incoming calls, booking appointments, and making outbound calls to your manifest lists. That helps your sales team increase close rate, average dollar per RO, appointment penetration rate, and more. And when they can go home at night to enjoy dinner with their families and return in the morning to new leads, they’ll be as happy as your customers.

How to Choose an Outsourced BDC Company

You may have read outsourced BDC reviews, but you’re still left wondering which is the best. Here’s what to look for.


Whether for sales or service, technology is the engine of outsourced BDCs. Better Car People uses proprietary tech like Connected Response™ and Campaign Calls™ to engage customers on-lot and online.

Live, Local Agents

Too many outsourced BDCs use off-shore agents or artificial intelligence to answer calls, texts, and website messages. But live, on-shore agents provide the best customer experience.

Omnichannel Solutions

Customer car-buying behaviors are changing.Today’s customer might prefer to be emailed, called, or texted, and you need to be able to follow up with them on their preferred channel.


FAQs About Outsourced BDC

What’s the best outsourced BDC company?

The best outsourced BDC companies are dedicated to professional, timely customer service that helps you drive sales and revenue. At Better Car People, we use proprietary technology and well-trained, on-shore agents to do just that.

Does an outsourced BDC really work?

Yes – the right outsourced automotive BDC solution can help your business book more appointments, close more sales, increase your ROI, and improve retention and referrals. The key is to find a company that leverages a combination of technology and live agents, like Better Car People.

What’s the difference between internal and outsourced BDC?

With an internal BDC, the company hires its own team and provides its own space, equipment, and software. While some dealerships like the control, it can be a costly solution. With an outsourced BDC, all of those expenses and responsibilities are taken care of by a third party.

Do I need an outsourced BDC?

It doesn’t hurt to take a look at what’s available: Nearly every type of dealership can benefit from outsourced BDC services.Plus, advances in technology make outsourcing your automotive BDC easier, more efficient, and more cost-effective than ever.


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