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Outsourced automotive BDC:

free up your teams


We take care of collecting new leads, setting appointments,

and more, so your teams can focus on building relationships.

Who Needs Outsourced

Automotive BDC Solutions?

Effective customer engagement is crucial, and we're here to help, whether you manage

a single dealership or a corporate group with cars, trucks, RVs, or ATVs.


Single dealerships

We'll take over your BDC operations, freeing up your time to focus on business growth.

Dealership groups

As you scale your medium-sized business, we provide outsourced BDC services to streamline your operations efficiently.

Corporate dealer groups

We handle the high volume of calls for your numerous locations, ensuring quick and efficient service through our outsourced BDC solutions.

Business Benefits of Outsourced BDCs

Never miss a customer opportunity and maximize potential revenue with outsourced BDCs for your automotive business


We function as an adaptable part of your team, eliminating the need for hiring and training. Our BDCs are scalable to match market changes and your business needs.

Cost Savings

Outsourcing with us reduces the need for in-house call center resources, lowering your overhead and improving ROI.



We ensure every call is answered, enhancing customer first impressions. Our team is available 24/7, knowledgeable about your products, and skilled in handling queries.

Sales Team


Our BDCs assist your sales team by managing calls and appointments, allowing them to focus on closing deals and improving customer relationships.

How to Choose an

Outsourced BDC Company

Confused after reading various BDC reviews? Here are key

factors to consider for making the best choice.



Enabled Services

We use advanced technology like

Connected Response™ and Campaign

Calls™ to engage customers effectively

both in-person and online.


Live, Local


Unlike other services using offshore

agents or AI, we provide live, local agents

for the best customer experience.




We understand the evolving car-buying

behaviors and offer flexible

communication methods — email, calls,

or texts — to suit customer preferences.


Do you have questions about

Outsourced Automotive BDC?

We have answers.


What makes the best Outsourced BDC company?

The top outsourced BDC services focus on professional and timely customer service to boost your sales and revenue. At Better Car People, we excel in this with our advanced technology and expert, local agents.

Is an Outsourced BDC effective?

Absolutely! A well-chosen automotive BDC solution increases your appointments, sales, ROI, and customer loyalty and referrals. Companies like Better Car People combine tech and live agents for optimal results.

Internal vs. Outsourced BDC: what's the difference?

An internal BDC means hiring your team and managing resources in-house, which can be expensive, especially considering that you may need 24/7/365 coverage. An outsourced BDC, however, manages these tasks and costs, offering a more efficient solution.

Do I need an outsourced BDC?

Definitely consider it. Almost all dealerships can gain from outsourced BDC services, especially with today's advanced and cost-effective technology options.

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