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Service BDC™

Omni-Channel Engagement Solution

Let Better Car People take your inbound service calls off your hands so your advisors can do what they do best--work with your customers. And as a bonus, we've added our connected car alert engagement and service leads response. Supercharge your service with our Service BDC™.

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Inbound Service Calls & So Much More

Stop losing business to poorly handled inbound calls! Our on-shore agents will take your inbound service calls and set appointments. We can even call to confirm appointments and reconnect with no-shows.

No More Missed Calls

Ensure every customer call is answered promptly with our onshore team, eliminating long hold times and dropped calls. Our dedicated agents provide a seamless, professional experience, engaging all service customer calls.

Connects with Your Service Team

Enhance customer experience with a seamless customer connection, ensuring direct and prompt notifications to Service Advisors whenever additional information is needed.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

End customer frustration and dissatisfaction when they cannot reach the service team. Sales BDC helps with customer satisfaction, which leads to higher retention and loyalty!

Included Capabilities

We have taken our best-performing service engagement solutions (Connected Response™ and Campaign Calls™) and included them to offer you all the benefits of these remarkable products. And with one price, it just makes sense.

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Connected Response™

Generate More Revenue From Your Connected Car Alerts

Connected Response™ helps turn your connected car alerts into appointments. Increase your close rate, average dollar per RO, appointment penetration rate, and more.

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Connected Response Solution
Outbound Solution
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Campaign Calls™

Your Lowest Priority is Our Only Priority

Our automotive agents make it their priority to mine your inactive, recall, pull-ahead, and loyalty program lists for new opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a GM Store, are you PASE-Approved?

We are, and aren’t you glad? This is just part of the goal to make everything as simple as possible for you.

Do I have to use all the products in the package?

Think of this like a buffet--you have access to everything, but can choose what you want to put on your plate. If you are positive you only want one specific solution, we can make that happen as well.

Are you an Autoresponder?

We cringe every time we hear that “A” word, but we forgive you. We utilize technology and LIVE people to create a dynamic customized response for each incoming lead.

Do we answer customer questions?

Here's the deal. We don't take away your control of the leads. We just respond when you can't. You have full control of when to use us and when your team responds.

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