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3 Easy Steps for Digital Success

September 27, 2023

There have been many pivots and changes in the automotive world, and they have left many of us looking for a game plan for success. Our old way of doing things needs updating and must include digital solutions customers have proved they want. 66% of automotive shoppers stated they are comfortable with a completely online car buying process, and we need to either get in the game or start perfecting it.

Have an Online Buying Process- Not Just a Tool

Since at least 2017, Digital Retailing Tools have been pushed on dealerships, maybe before everyone was truly ready for them. But now, with customers looking for the easiest and quickest way to lease or purchase a vehicle, the online buying process has become the norm. With the race to ensure customers interact with your website, inventory, and online buying process, dealerships without a digital retail solution found themselves not only behind the 8 ball but trying to quickly search for the best option.

There are many onsite and off-site solutions, and all have their benefits and blind spots. But if you are a dealership without a DRT and a full online buying process in place, now is the time to get that process in place. If you don’t have the information or capabilities that customers want and have become used to, they will go to another dealership site.

Adoption of the tool is not the band-aid, though. Once you have chosen the DR solution, you need to market this to the customer and then train them on all the benefits of the tool. This is also new to them, and the customer needs to understand how to utilize this and why it benefits them.

Here are some basic ways to educate the customer:

  • Create a video that walks the customer through the online shopping/purchasing experience
  • Have banners on the homepage and skinny banners on the SRP/VLP pages that highlight the online/at-home offerings
  • Include the Online Purchasing/At-Home options in your SEM copy
  • Utilize organic and paid social to get your message out

The success of your digital retailing tool hinges on the marketing and education you provide to your customers. Otherwise, it will just live on your website like so many other widgets that take up real estate and show no ROI. 

At-home services (such as Pickup and Delivery for Service and At-Home test drives) are no longer a novel idea, but an expectation for our customers. Service customers have stated that they would pay for the convenience of dealership personnel coming to their home or place of work to pick up their vehicle, complete the service and then return the vehicle--all while the transaction remains either limited contact or completely touchless. 

How are you informing your current customers as well as potential ones of all the options you have to keep them safe, healthy, and comfortable all while making the process frictionless for the consumer? 

Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile (GBP)  is a great resource to share your messaging at no additional cost to you. Here are some suggestions for GBP:

  • Separate your departments in GBP. You can have a page for Sales, Service and Parts. This allows you to add accurate hours of operation, separate reviews, and it allows you to highlight the elements within the department
  • If you decide not to separate your accounts, you can still post service-related elements on GBP
  • Add posts about Pickup and Delivery, At-Home solutions, and Service Specials


Videos that focus on your sanitization, pickup and delivery, and at-home experiences are a great way to bring a relational message without being face-to-face with the customer. Whether you showcase this on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, your website, or any other platform you desire, the message will be viewed and received. And since Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine, and video is the most consumed medium on the internet, this is an excellent way to get your message out to the largest crowd.

Landing Pages

Create a landing page on your website that highlights your At Home offerings (online purchasing/Pick up and drop off) that explains the processes well. Possibly have your video embedded on the landing pages.

Moving Forward

We know the digital landscape has changed dramatically, and with the addition of so many elements to master, you may need an expert to help guide you through. Better Car People are experts at customer engagement and can assist with any of your engagement needs! 24/7 or when you need us.


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