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The Five Must-Read Automotive Articles from 2023

December 28, 2023 By Aimi Gundersen

2023 was filled with so many changes and adjustments in the Automotive industry, and Better Car People kept you updated and informed! Below are the five most read blog articles of 2023, discussing...

Sales Tricks

How to Streamline Auto Sales

December 22, 2023 By BCP Editorial

As the digital revolution continues to sweep across the automotive landscape, the need to streamline auto sales processes is becoming essential. Lengthy procedures and tedious paperwork are out....

Automotive Industry

BDC Trackers: Benefits and Challenges for Auto Dealerships

December 20, 2023 By BCP Editorial

As today’s automotive industry rapidly evolves, staying at the forefront of performance metrics is essential. In this fast-paced landscape, a business development center (BDC) with an integrated BDC...

Strategy Sales Tricks

10 Steps to Car Sales: Your Complete Guide

December 13, 2023 By BCP Editorial

There’s no denying that the car sales process is changing. Most customers already know what they want when they come to your dealership, right down to the specific car. As customers become more...

Automotive Industry

Amazon-Hyundai Partnership: Revolutionizing Car Buying

December 11, 2023 By Aimi Gundersen

For years dealerships and OEMs have discussed the “Amazon Experience,” and brainstormed ways to make the automotive buying process have the click to purchase ease for the consumer. In a...

Automotive Industry Strategy

The Pros & Cons of In-House BDCs at Car Dealerships

December 11, 2023 By BCP Editorial

In today's digital age, car dealerships are increasingly relying on technology-driven processes to boost sales and provide excellent customer service. One such strategy is the establishment of a...

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