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Everything You Need to Know About FordDirect in 2024

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BCP Editorial

BCP Editorial

11 Mar, 2024
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Is your dealership ready for 2024? With lower prices, demand for hybrids and the discontinuation of some popular models topping the list of Ford trends for the year, many dealerships are preparing for change. Customers will be back, but the competition will be tough.

Dealerships like yours will need tools to not only acquire leads, but properly manage and follow-up with them until you make the sale. And don’t forget your service department, an important driver of customer loyalty. Luckily, Ford and Lincoln retailers can access many marketing, sales and service tools through FordDirect.

What Is FordDirect?

FordDirect is a platform that connects Ford and Lincoln retailers with the Ford Motor Company and its consumer data. The platform offers a variety of vetted products and services to help dealerships drive sales and brand loyalty, all powered by exclusive, deep insights and analytics from Ford Motor Company itself. The goals: Provide customers with amazing experiences that keep them coming back to Ford and Lincoln dealerships. And give dealerships the tools they need to create happy customers and sell more cars.

What Services Does FordDirect Offer?

FordDirect partners with third-party vendors to provide services that range from website building and customer relationship management (CRM) to marketing, call tracking and chatbots. Here are some of the most popular solutions:

  • FordDirect CRM Pro is an out-of-the-box solution for customer data mining, lead management and desking processes. With a simple user interface and mobile capabilities, it’s the preferred Ford CRM for many dealerships.
  • FordDirect Digital Advertising uses comprehensive, exclusive Ford Motor Company data to help you promote your inventory and services. It has paid search, social media ads, display ads, retargeting and more.
  • FordDirect Service Lead Marketing is a digital marketing platform specifically for service leads. When customers search online for things like “oil change” or “tire rotation,” they’ll find information about your dealership on the website FordServiceSpecials.com.
  • FordDirect Pre-Owned Vehicle Marketing automatically syndicates your pre-owned inventory across third-party shopping sites, so you can reach more in-market shoppers.
  • FordDirect Chat Solutions provide live chat agents to communicate with your customers from any device, through multiple channels. Chat can boost online leads and provide a better customer experience.
  • FordDirect Vehicle Locator Plus is an inventory solution that helps you track what’s on-lot, in-transit or at the plant so you can find your customers the perfect vehicle and shorten delivery times.

What’s New in 2024? The Shop E-commerce Platform

One exciting development in Ford dealer news for 2024 is the launch of “The Shop” e-commerce platform. The Shop will offer Ford and Lincoln dealerships access to approved vendors and partnerships that go beyond what FordDirect already offers. These curated solutions will include pre-negotiated prices and streamlined enrollment, making it easier for dealerships to find, understand and onboard new programs.

Better Car People is thrilled to be included in The Shop’s offerings. Our comprehensive business development center (BDC) engagement platform will now be available to Ford and Lincoln retailers with an even more seamless onboarding process. The Shop will also include:

  • ComplyAuto, a dealership compliance platform
  • OfferLogix, a credit pre-qualification service
  • STELLA Automotive AI, an omnichannel AI solution
  • Velocity Automotive, a vehicle acquisition and reconditioning platform
  • WarrCloud, a warranty processing platform
  • Work Truck Solutions, commercial marketing and merchandising tools

What Sets FordDirect and The Shop Vendors Apart?

Many vendors want to be included in FordDirect and The Shop, but not all of them are approved. FordDirect collaborates with a select few companies based on the needs of its dealerships and customers. The vendors chosen by FordDirect have proven products that have passed a thorough evaluation process. They’re trusted solutions and provide high-quality products and services.

Benefits of FordDirect for Dealerships

Ultimately, the goal of any auto dealership is to drive revenue and increase profit margins – and that’s what FordDirect is designed to help you do. It’s also designed to be easy and cost-efficient for dealerships. The benefits of using FordDirect products and services include:

  • 100% co-op eligibility and automatic co-op submission
  • Direct, consolidated billing
  • Ability to optimize your marketing and advertising with exclusive data
  • Pre-negotiated pricing that may be lower than market rates
  • Seamless enrollment and onboarding processes
  • Support from account representatives and automotive experts

FordDirect makes it easy to advertise to the right markets, streamline your auto sales process and sell more cars. And that’s what it’s all about for Ford and Lincoln retailers.

Partner With Better Car People Through FordDirect

With comprehensive solutions for both sales and service departments, FordDirect simply makes dealerships’ lives easier. That’s also our goal at Better Car People, and our partnership with FordDirect is an essential way we can achieve that goal. Through our outsourced automotive BDC, Ford and Lincoln dealerships can:

  • Respond to leads 24/7/365 with live, on-shore agents
  • Follow up on connected car notifications automatically
  • Schedule service appointments and send reminders
  • Mine your manifest lists for new sales and service opportunities
  • Supplement your in-house BDC after-hours and on weekends

Ready to take the pressure off your sales and service teams while providing a better customer experience? Contact us today for a quick demo to see why we’re one of the best solutions available through FordDirect.