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December Gratitude Spotlight | Search Dog Foundation & Bunnin Chevrolet of Fillmore


Each month in 2021, Better Car People spotlights one dealership and a local charity of their choice through our new Gratitude Campaign. Better Car People donates $1,000 to the charity in the name of the dealership in the hopes of helping the local community and spreading the word about the specific charity.

In December, Better Car People was delighted to highlight Bunnin Chevrolet of Fillmore and their charity partner Search Dog Foundation (SDF).

Dealer Partner: Bunnin Chevrolet of Fillmore

Location: Fillmore, CA

Spokesperson: Jason Pierce

Charity: Search Dog Foundation

What is the Search Dog Foundation?

Founded in 1996, the Search Dog Foundation was created with a mission to rescue, recruit, and train dogs to help in the search and discovery of people buried alive in the wreckage of disasters. Their mission is to strengthen disaster response in America, and they do so by partnering with firefighters, first responders, and rescued dogs.

According to their website:
“SDF recruits dogs from across the country that are rescued from abuse or abandonment. Typically these dogs demonstrate high energy, tenacity, and boldness, making them ideal for search and rescue, but unsuitable for a family pet. After passing stringent screening and testing criteria, the dogs are then trained to harness that high energy, drive, and tenacity into life-saving skills.”

Search Dog Foundation does not only train these dogs to utilize with the first response teams, though. They make a life-long commitment to each dog. Once a dog is rescued by SDF, it will never need to be rescued again.

Why Bunnin Chevrolet of Fillmore partners with the Search Dog Foundation 

Bunnin Chevrolet of Fillmore’s General Manager Jason Pierce stated that the SDF invited them to tour the complex, and that is when the relationship began. Once he saw how the dogs were trained to save lives, he was all in.

Mr. Pierce believes in the SDF so much, that with every vehicle sold, they donate $100 to them. When someone purchases a vehicle from Bunnin Chevrolet of Fillmore, they are doing more than buying a new car, they are helping to save both the dog's and people’s lives.

When Jason Pierce was asked how he would encourage others to give back to their communities, he stated “Just try it and see how it makes you feel better.”

If you are interested in learning about the Search Dog Foundation, visit their website and learn more.

Do you have a Charity you want Better Car People to highlight?

Every month we choose a new dealership and charity. If you have an organization you partner with that would benefit from the Better Car People Gratitude Campaign, reach out to your Dealer Success Coach for more information or submit your charity here.


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