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Driving Digital Leads



It’s plain and simple: increasing your site traffic will generate more leads

The internet is full of opportunities, and you have to be utilizing that if you want to create more customers. By driving digital leads, you’re also creating higher quality leads who are better prepared to buy. 

Driving your digital leads has a lot to do with creating trust for your customers. The face of car buyers has changed in the past few years, and it always will. Today’s buyers are knowledgeable about their options and their preferences, and they’re oftentimes hesitant about trusting the car salesman. By building trust with them online, you’ll be easing that area of the selling process. 

Optimizing the right things online is important. Most dealerships and marketing agencies optimize for efficiency, which looks great on paper but bad in sales. It’s better to optimize towards leads that are more likely to convert.

Quality Content

Creating quality content is where you should start. Your content needs to be useful, of great quality, and applicable to your customers. If you’re doing all three of these things, then you’ll help customers get the information they need and gain their trust.

Videos are the future, and the future is here when it comes to your marketing strategy. Creating videos is going to be your dealership’s most useful tool when speaking to new customers. While your website is a great place to put your content, YouTube is another, possibly better, place to have content. 

Right now, YouTube is the second biggest search engine, and automotive “how to” videos are the second biggest category of “how to” videos. While it seems weird to teach your potential service customers how to solve a problem they’re paying you to fix, the results speak for themselves. Over half of the people who watch these “how to” videos end up in your service lane. 

Digital Demand

You can use YouTube to help create and capture demand. By aligning the buyer’s journey with the content you create, you can create demand in new areas as well as capture the existing demand that was untapped before.

Think about the types of videos that your customers will watch before purchasing a vehicle. At the beginning, they’re looking for videos about different brands to try and see what they should buy. Your customers are digesting a lot of videos in this stage.

Once they’ve narrowed it down to two different brands that they might want, they’re taking in different kinds of content. Now they’re looking at comparison videos, comparing similar vehicles to each other. These customers are looking at the differences in brands that play out in similar vehicles.

Right before they buy, your customers are looking at vehicle features. They’re more than likely still comparing two main vehicles, but they’re starting to look at the little details that set two cars apart from each other no matter how similar the cars are. Your customer is getting excited, and these videos should tailor to that excitement as well.

Creating videos that tailor to each of these categories can help you manage where the demand in your dealership lies, as well as lets you create demand where you’d like.

Keyword Coverage

There are five main places where you can prioritize search presence to drive your business results. These questions are common for your customers to search, and you can use the answers to these questions to create keywords for you to focus on.

  1. Where to buy?
  2. Am I getting a deal?
  3. Can I afford it?
  4. Is it right for me?
  5. Which car is better?


Reggie Tool

While Google Analytics is what most people know about when it comes to Google’s data tools, Reggie Tool is another Google tool that lets you see helpful information about your dealership, especially when it comes to digital demand.

Reggie Tools will give you an overview of how your pages are ranking in search interest in Google along with your percentage of sales. These two statistics combined give you an idea of where your demand falls. For example, if you have a product that has high sales and low search interest, then you know that creating demand with that product will help increase sales. If you have the reverse, then you know that you’re focusing too much power on creating demand instead of harnessing the demand that’s there to create sales.



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