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Enhancing Your Automotive Dealership's Digital Presence this Holiday Season

October 30, 2023

As the holiday season approaches, it's important for dealerships to recognize the increasing effects of their dealership's digital presence and online lead engagement. With online shopping on the rise, dealerships need to adapt and leverage digital platforms to stay competitive and attract potential customers. Let’s explore some key strategies that can help Sales and Service BDCs set themselves up for success during the holiday season.

Focus on Leads and BDC

‘Tis the season for increased leads, and dealerships must prioritize them in their BDC. T By actively tracking and following up on leads, automotive professionals can increase the chances of converting prospects into loyal customers. A well-functioning BDC ensures efficient communication and coordination not only with the customers but also within your CRM, enabling a smooth customer experience. BDCs are expensive (training, salary, benefits) so it is critical to make sure you are hiring the right people.

Finding and Hiring the Right Employees

One of the challenges dealerships face is finding and hiring the right employees. According to a survey conducted by Cox Automotive, 72% of franchised auto dealers reported difficulties in staffing. To overcome this challenge, dealerships need to invest time and resources into attracting and retaining talented individuals. Recruitment strategies and competitive benefits are the start, but the environment created is also key. With the right training, pay, benefits, and culture, dealerships can build a strong workforce that delivers exceptional customer service.

BDCs are the first voice of your dealership to your potential customers. You want to make sure they are professional, trained, and trustworthy.

Evaluating Lead Volume and Staff Appropriately

To ensure everyone is set up for success, it is crucial to evaluate lead volume and staff accordingly. By analyzing the number of leads generated and the capacity of the BDC, dealerships can make informed decisions about staffing levels. This helps maintain efficiency and prevents overload or underutilization of resources. Prioritizing lead management and optimizing staff allocation can lead to improved customer satisfaction and increased sales.

Providing Training for Exceptional Customer Experience

Investing in employee training is essential to ensure customers have the best experience possible. Dealerships can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by equipping staff with the the best training (not only on product, but also on the soft skills necessary). Regular training sessions not only boost employee confidence but also contribute to a positive dealership reputation. And if you have a manager on-site working with the BDC, in-the-moment coaching is also a great way to train agents and stop bad habits

Leveraging Premium Omnichannel Engagement Solutions

To streamline dealership operations and enhance customer engagement, dealerships can consider utilizing premium omnichannel engagement solutions. Better Car People offers tailored solutions that cater to dealerships of all sizes and budgets. These solutions provide integrated platforms for customer communication across multiple channels, such as phone, email, and social media. By adopting such tools, automotive professionals can maximize efficiency, improve customer interactions, and drive sales.

As the holiday season brings increased online shopping, automotive professionals must prioritize their dealership's digital presence. Focusing on leads, investing in staff, and providing exceptional customer experiences are essential steps toward success. Regularly reviewing Google Business Profiles and leveraging omnichannel engagement solutions can further enhance a dealership's online reputation. By implementing these strategies, automotive professionals can thrive during the holiday season and beyond.


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