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February Gratitude Spotlight | The Richland/Wilkin Community Foundation & Smith Motors


Each month in 2021, Better Car People spotlights one dealership and a local charity of their choice through our new Gratitude Campaign. Better Car People donates $1,000 to the charity in the name of the dealership in the hopes of helping the local community and spreading the word about the specific charity. 

In February, Better Car People and the Gratitude Campaign were delighted to highlight Smith Motors and their charity The Richland Wilkin Community Foundation.

Dealer Partner: Smith Motors 

Location: Whapeton, ND

Spokesperson: Myron Braun, Service Manager

Charity: The Richland/Wilkin Community Foundation 

What is The Richland/Wilkin Community Foundation?

Founded in 1985 by residents wanting to give back and help the community, The Richland/Wilkin Community Foundation strives to “promote philanthropy and charitable giving that will impact the success of innovative, creative approaches to community growth and well-being.”

The Richland/Wilkin Community Foundation supports over 20 organizations in their community and is consistently looking for needs that they can alleviate and local programs they can support.

Why Does Smith Motors Partner with The Richland/Wilkin Community Foundation?

Smith Motors has been working with The Richland/Wilkin Community Foundation for many years and in many capacities. From donations of time to donations of money, the team enjoys volunteering and knowing that they are contributing to their local community.

According to Myron Braun, Smith Motors partners with this foundation because “ it is thriving, it is trustworthy in keeping the money raised locally, and it’s a great way to give to many different causes with one organization.” The foundation assists with a variety of needs within the community, and if a local organization or group needs help, they can look to the foundation for assistance.

Smith Motors as a corporation has partnered with the foundation, but employees have bought in at a personal level as well. At the dealership level, the team has participated in and volunteered with activities such as virtual Cooking Classes, and enjoyed the time and the great food!

Byron stated it best when he said, {volunteering has}“ caused me to be more appreciative of what I have, caused me to view volunteerism in our community as a greater need, and it’s caused me to be a more positive person”.

If you are interested in learning more about The Richland/Wilkin Community Foundation, visit their website and learn more.

Every month we choose a new dealership and charity. If you have an organization you partner with that would benefit from the Better Car People Gratitude Campaign, reach out to your Dealer Success Coach for more information or submit your charity here.


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