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Getting an Unfair Advantage with Video


Getting an unfair advantage with video

I am that person who hated to be in the back or even the middle of the line. I always wanted to be somewhere in the front--mostly so I could see where I was going. But also, because I would rather lead than follow.

When video marketing came onto the scene in automotive (quite some time ago), it caused a definite stir. It seemed unnecessary--weren't customers going to see my face when I came on-lot? It felt weird, and who had the money or equipment to do this thing right? We thought things had to be staged and perfect. 

Fast forward to 2020 when everything consumable is video. Insta videos, FaceTime, TikTok--this next generation is more comfortable in front of the camera then they are face-to-face. And the highest consumption of video is not polished and perfect, but raw and original (usually with an iPhone or computer).

So how are we meeting this next-gen need of personalized information without the initial in-person meeting?



82% of all internet traffic is projected to be video by 2021 (hubspot) The consumer drives the creation, and the consumer demand for video is high. Automotive needs to make sure that we are not only meeting, but exceeding those expectations in delivering video content to our customers in multiple forms.

So now the name of the game is virtual relationship and personalization. And you can beat the next dealership to your customer by utilizing video. 

What Types of Video

There are many types and styles of videos that users are engaging with online. Google has highlighted some that are leading the way, and we are adding some that have seen great success at the dealership level.

OEM Style Commercials

According to Google, this is still the most viewed of all videos.  “Commercials have long been the primary video category for auto brands, and are shorter in duration” (Future of Car Buying) These are great videos to use on your website, in email marketing, and in social media advertising. They are not personalized, but will give the customers some basic information needed to help guide higher funnel purchasing paths. Your OEM most likely has a storehouse of videos for you to utilize. They are easy to grab and have no cost of production attached. Remember, though--these are purely high-funnel and not relational. 

Personalized Initial Contact

A great and very effective way to get customers to interact and respond to you, especially when coming into the dealership could prove difficult in this current time, is to use solutions that allow you to email your customer a video response as opposed to sending your templated email that says the same thing to everyone. BCP’s solution, Spotlight, allows you to send a video email response to your customer, and then track all the activity of that email. You can gauge interest and intent, and focus on the customers who are engaging with you.

Personalized videos take a minute to make, and create a relationship that a static email cannot. When I send them, I make sure to acknowledge the receiver, address all questions that the person asked, and if possible, show the customer the vehicle of interest. All of this creates a much more robust and interactive relationship--they feel like they know you.

And it is much harder to ignore someone when you know them!

Personalized Walk-arounds

We have practiced walk arounds a lot, and many of you feel as though you have perfected them. Now is your time to shine! Once you make that initial contact with the customer, send them a walk-around of their vehicle, highlighting all the elements that they inquired about in the lead. If this is new to you, don't worry! This is the easiest of the videos, because the car is the star. 

  • Does it have navigation? Turn on the car and show them.
  • Is there a moonroof? Here is what it looks like.
  • New tires? Here they are.

Video should be the first form of contact with your customers via email. It is the best way to beat your competition to the relational punch. People buy from people they like. So stand apart from the crowd and showcase your talented team via video!

Next week we will look at video in service and how incorporating just this one element will drive business and loyalty through the roof!

What now?

If you don’t have a video product to utilize in email, check out Spotlight. Spotlight takes a dealership’s biggest asset, people, to the front lines with a one to one video platform that stands out in a crowded inbox. Reach out and we can help get you started!



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