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In Part 1 of our breakdown of Google’s Dealer Guidebook 2.5, we looked at some of the elements Google told us were important to ensure dealerships were seen both organically and via paid search. The focus on the updated customer journey cannot be ignored, and the online path-to-purchase is key for understanding where we need to meet people and the tools they expect us to provide. 


In Part 2, we will dive into the importance of video and discuss real, simple ways to integrate this into our daily process. Our customers are searching for and consuming video, Google says it is key for organic results, and we need to adapt and adopt quickly.


Why video is so important



We know that as a whole, we are consuming video at a higher rate than ever before. Platforms like Instagram Reels, TikTok and YouTube have provided avenues for us to create and consume real time, relevant, and high interest content--and people love it. 


As our customers continue to trend towards online research, shopping and purchasing, dealerships need to make sure that they are bringing their inventory, culture, and experience into the homes and phones of prospective customers. 


With 80% of new car purchasers taking an action after watching a video, it is obvious where we need to be. YouTube is the second largest search engine next to Google, and people go there looking for video answers to questions they have. You need to be there to provide those answers multiple ways.


I know video is important. Now what do I do?


Knowing something is important is easy. Acting on it and implementing new processes may not be. So here are some ideas based on the Guidebook 2.5 and additional research that will help you win with video.




YouTube needs to be your first priority when beginning a video action plan. Videos on YouTube (when optimized) have a significant impact on your organic presence, and can be the difference between a top 3 organic search result or a page 2 ranking. And while YouTube can seem overwhelming, there are simple ways to make a big impact. 


Create videos people are looking for


Creating organic, real, well-done but not over produced content is essential for your dealership. While Tier 1 videos look great and professional, they do not tell your dealership story and share your culture with potential customers. And it does not take a lot of money--just a little time and practice. Every dealership should have a few people who embrace the importance of video-and if you don’t, you may need to hire for that skill set.


Remember the days when the position “Internet Manager” didn’t exist? It does now because we saw the importance of it.


Same with content creation and video.


What to create


Here is a simple list of videos you can create that will reach customers where they are and provide information they are looking for.


  • Vehicle Walkarounds
  • Features 
  • Tech Tips (videos on pairing phones, tire pressure sensors, common dashboard lights, etc…)
  • Behind the scenes (people love to see what they normally cannot at a dealership)
  • Service focused videos
  • Highlight special offers or events


As you create these and post to YouTube, ensure you are optimizing for SEO. The title, description, and links are just as important as the video itself. Take your time and ensure it is descriptive and includes keywords for Google to pick up on searches. 


Depending on the length of the video, share it on your social platforms for an added boost of engagement!


Video does not need to have a production crew or high cost editing. A smart phone and the Quik app do an amazing job at creating organic, high value videos that your customers want to consume.


And when those videos translate to additional website visits, leads, and customer engagement--we are here to help!



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