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November Gratitude Spotlight | The Charity Club & Holiday Automotive


Each month in 2021, Better Car People spotlights one dealership and a local charity of their choice through our new Gratitude Campaign. Better Car People donates $1,000 to the charity in the name of the dealership in the hopes of helping the local community and spreading the word about the specific charity.

In November Better Car People was delighted to highlight Holiday Automotive and their charity partner The Charity Club.

Dealer Partner: Holiday Automotive

Location: Fond du Lac, WI

Spokesperson: Rebecca Johnson

Charity: The Charity Club

What is The Charity Club?

The Charity Club is the oldest charitable organization in Fond du Lac, WI and has been providing milk to children and organizations for over 120 years. When asked “Why Milk?” the answer is simple according to their website:

Even though some groups get funding, it is not enough to cover the many needs for milk. Many organizations do receive government assistance, but other organizations do not get enough funding, if any. Yes, many of the organizations we donate to have additional funding, but it is not enough, and we certainly do not cover all of their costs.

But milk is not all they donate. All the funds raised from their Charity Ball and ongoing events are either allocated to the distribution of milk, or are used to support local charitable organizations or projects which directly benefit children.

“Today, the club has thirty members who volunteer throughout the year, organizing, planning, and overseeing the distribution of milk, donations, and special projects benefiting children in the community.”

If you are interested in learning about The Charity Club,  visit their website and learn more.

Do you have a Charity you want Better Car People to highlight?

Every month we choose a new dealership and charity. If you have an organization you partner with that would benefit from the Better Car People Gratitude Campaign, reach out to your Dealer Success Coach for more information or submit your charity here.


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