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Top 5 BCP Automotive Blogs of 2020


Here we are--ready to boot out 2020 and gleefully anticipating 2021. There has been a lot to leave in the rear-view mirror for this year, but there were also some positive elements we can focus on. 


Like all the great insights and content our blog has shared with you in 2020. With so many changes in how automotive interacts with, engages with, and works with our customers, we here at BCP were proud of the knowledge we have shared with you. We hope that our blogs,  Lunch ‘n Learns, and webinars that we have provided help guide dealerships through new and uncharted territories as well as set you up for future success.


Here are the top 5 Blogs that will help you not only navigate new processes, but also provide a game plan for 2021 and beyond!


#5: Virtual Selling: 3 Part Series


Matthew Belk, Chief of Ideas at BCP, created a 3 part series which breaks down critical elements needed for virtual selling in our automotive landscape today. Whether you are a BDC Manager, a GM, a Dealer Principal, or marketer, these concise, informational podcasts will point you in the right direction.

If you are looking for actionable tools to not only grow, but master virtual selling, click on the podcasts in the link. It will be time well spent!

#4: Guideline for Optimizing your Service Lane in 2020

Service continues to not only contribute to the overall profitability of the dealership, but is almost a majority contributor. According to NADA, 49.6% of the dealership gross profit comes from the Service/ Parts department. This highlights just how important it is to find new ways to not only showcase our service offerings, but to also make communication with our service customers seamless and helpful.

There are ways leading dealerships have accommodated customer needs in regards to communication, and here are a few examples and tips on how to not only ensure you are engaging with your customers, but that you are also giving them the concierge experience they desire.

#3: Digital Retail vs. Virtual Retail: What You Really Need to Know

What is the hottest moving solution in automotive right now? Digital Retailing. Covid-19, Shelter in Place, and social distancing gave this not REALLY new solution a push into 2020 like none other. 

Digital Retailing is not new to the industry, but its adoption historically has met mixed reviews. Find out some best tips on implementation and use of this tool, and how to truly measure its ROI.



#2: Automotive Playbook: 2020 and Beyond


There is a lot of information flying around right now about what you should be doing and how you should adapt and adjust in the post-covid automotive world. There are some processes we should  move forward with, and there is some technology that we cannot ignore--but at the end of the day, we HAVE to know how to engage with our customers.

Matthew Belk hosted a webinar for a specific OEM, and was able to 1) break down the current state of the market, 2) address best practices on engaging with customers in an omni-channel environment, and 3) discuss how to put your dealership in the position to sell more cars. 

Here is a breakdown of the major elements that you can use as your “Playbook” for selling cars post-covid and beyond.

#1: Automotive Engagement Plan for 2021

Automotive Sales has definitely changed in the past decade, but these past few months brought some quick pivots. Many of the changes are ones that were already underway for quite some time, but were pushed forward this year. And what we hoped would last a few weeks is now following us into 2021.  

Personal space is now a desired commodity. Online/video relational sales have increased. In-person interactions have been rethought, and in some places highly discouraged.  Automotive must learn how to effectively communicate with customers without relying on the full day spent in the showroom and without the ability to  leverage face-to-face personal interactions with each transaction.

There are many more informational blogs, podcasts, and posts on our site. If you like what you have read, make sure to check out some more here.


Happy New Year, and here is to a strong, profitable, and successful 2021!


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