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Why Do You Need a Virtual BDC?


Business Development Centers (BDCs) have been a part of the automotive business that has been consistently important since the 1990’s, but has also changed dramatically. The importance of a BDC cannot be disputed--it is the one and main way to create that first initial contact with consumers, encourage appointments, and convince a customer why your dealership is where they need to buy/service their car.

So why do most dealers groan when talking about them?

The CRM Component

Our antiquated CRMs hold some of the blame. It is an incomplete solution. While they are ideal for recording customer information, they offer generic templates in a system that was designed to silo our data rather than engage customers. 

CRMs are only as good as the data and templates they hold. The data can be incomplete or incorrect depending on who inputs the information. And many templates and processes are stale because no one has looked at them, adjusted them, or revised them for months or, in some cases, years. And generic templates cannot answer customer questions, give additional vehicle information, or create relationships. They are literally the equivalent of a voicemail message that does not engage the customer. 


The Expense

BDCs are expensive, both in time and money. 


You have to spend time developing a pay plan and writing job descriptions. You have to spend time finding and hiring the right person to lead this team--and that person not only has to understand how a BDC works, but also has to understand the importance of what they are doing and the way the dealership wants the process implemented. And then you have to spend time hiring the team and training them, only to have turnover and continue this cycle again and again. 


There is the sheer expense of the manager and the team, which you know going into the process. But then there is the cost of benefits, technology, and training. And with the turnover rate at many dealerships, the training and ramping-up costs can be exponential. 

And then what happens after 8 hours? Is there a second shift of BDC members? A third to ensure 24 hour coverage? Do you have BDC agents who are responding to customers when the store is closed? Are they getting extra pay for working holidays and weekends? 

Why Not Outsource?

So, why not outsource? Historically, outsourced BDCs have been a race to the bottom. The agents were trying to get the most amount of calls, texts, emails and chats completed in the shortest amount of time, with little to no automotive training and no true understanding of the culture and climate of the dealership. Many times you end up with an unskilled call center asking “Do you want to buy a car? When can you come in?” instead of listening to the customer and assisting them through the initial  process.

And while previously dealers could make ineffective BDCs work well-enough, that is no longer the case. In this 2020, COVID, socially distancing world, the first email, text, or voicemail sent without value you send will most likely be the last communication the consumer is going to engage in. When you waste their time and don’t provide value, they will choose to buy from another dealership--and there will be others who do provide value quickly. 

Lastly, a big killer of any BDC’s effectiveness is a disconnect with the sales department. There is a need for a solid relationship between the BDC department and Sales team--especially when there needs to be a handoff to continue the sale. If your sales team doesn’t feel involved, you lose and the consumer loses. When it comes to reading notes in the CRM, it has never been a consistent strength with many salespeople, and there needs to be a better solution.

The Solution

BCP Virtual BDC is the solution to many BDC problems. This 21st-century solution to BDCs provides a comprehensive, fresh solution that engages customers using live automotive agents who know your dealership. We keep things as simple as possible for the dealership and provide a team of automotive agents who answer every lead, engage with customers, set appointments, and let your team know exactly what is going on with each customer.  

You don’t have to worry about training, turnover, or time off. 

BCP has been doing this since 2009 and has the data to show we know how to engage and connect with customers. But we also know that you have to continue to grow and develop to maintain relevance.

Two years ago we heard what dealerships wanted and created an even more robust solution. BCP created a full contact virtual BDC center with US based employees.   They not only provide amazing initial contacts, but also complete 90 day follow up. There are different treatments based on your individual consumers, not an antiquated CRM template. 

Doing Things the Right Way is Important to Us

Onboarding with BCP is efficient, but we take the time to learn about your dealership, your market, and your customers. Dealerships in Florida are different than in California or Kentucky. And everywhere is different than Michigan! BCP’s Agents know how to talk to your customers in your specific areas, and are prepared to represent your dealership well!

BCP Virtual BDC: Cost-effective, omni-channel, and  results driven! You’ve never worked with a BDC like this.


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