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Automotive Sales has moved forward at a heart breaking speed since 2020.  From completely online sales to digital retailing tools and video communication, dealers have been made to adopt new technologies at a fast and furious pace. As we adapt and adopt, many have discussed how these changes have completely changed the way we do business.

But has it?

Even with vacillating website traffic and varied lead volume, dealers are still meeting their numbers and selling out of inventory. How are they succeeding?

The Phone

As we have added new technological processes and solutions, which have definitely helped guide the buyer through the online process and further down the sales funnel, many serious shoppers are picking up the phone and calling the dealership. And while internet leads are incredibly important, if someone takes the time to press the call dealership icon on Google My Business, they are serious. And your team needs to be prepared and trained on phone skills.

So many times when we adopt new strategies and technologies, we run forward with them and forget about skills that were vastly important to us before. I had a teacher long ago who would always say “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.” Have we done that with phone skills?

In an article in Automotive News, Ronald Bowie of Lonestar Toyota stated "Treat the phone as the most valuable technology that they have," Barnett said. "That phone will give you more return on investment than any other piece of technology that you invested in in your store if you just pay a little attention to it."

Do you have trained BDC agents who not only know customer service, but also product and your online purchase/offerings process?

If not, training needs to be your focus.


Ensure your staff is well trained, not only on general phone skills, but also on product and process. Your edge over other competitors will be the ability to reach out to customers with a human voice and offer real assistance and guidance through the shopping process. 

Training your BDC Agents or Sales Team on the following aspects is crucial to not only their success, but your engagement with customers:

  • Product
  • Website Navigation
  • Online offering
    • Purchase online
    • Credit App
    • Contactless Delivery
    • Sanitization Process

This training can be time consuming and costly, but if done effectively, will produce the best results with your team.

How we can help

If you are looking for a cost-effective, results driven solutions, BCP offers a variety of BDC solutions that are scalable and customizable for every size of dealership. We have created a company around being the leaders in customer engagement, and have a team of automotive specific agents who are available around the clock to engage with your customers and ensure they are given a white-glove experience. 

When you partner with us, you don’t have to worry about turn-over and retraining. Our team is consistently here to provide you with exceptional service. And since we train our team regularly, that is one less thing you have to worry about!



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