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April Gratitude Spotlight | Germantown Warhawks Band Boosters & Lake Chevrolet / Lake Ford

Gratitude Campaign
BCP Editorial

BCP Editorial

1 May, 2021
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Each month in 2021, Better Car People spotlights one dealership and a local charity of their choice through our new Gratitude Campaign. Better Car People donates $1,000 to the charity in the name of the dealership in the hopes of helping the local community and spreading the word about the specific charity. 

In April, Better Car People and the Gratitude Campaign were delighted to highlight Lake Chevrolet and their charity the Germantown Warhawks Band Booster Club.

Dealer Partner: Lake Chevrolet / Lake Ford

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Spokesperson: Jamie Enders (Owner)

Charity: Germantown Warhawks Band Boosters

What are the Germantown Warhawks Band Boosters?

The Warhawk Band Boosters was developed to support and provide volunteers for the Germantown Band Department. This non-profit was developed in 1990 and has supported hundreds of students through their academic/musical journey in high school. 

“The goal of the WBB is to perpetuate public interest in the activities of the Band Department, and to provide support for these activities through volunteer assistance and fundraising.” And this support manifests through music camps, collegiate scholarships, and much more. 

In a time when many music program funds are being cut, the Warhawks Band Booster Club supports the needs of the program and the students. 

Why Does Lake Chevrolet partner with the Warhawks Band Boosters?

Lake Chevrolet and Lake Ford take great pride in the time and energy they put into community involvement. They partner with many local organizations, and it was tough coming up with which one to choose when they received the $1000 from BCP for their charity. Their focus is locally directed, and they sponsor little league teams, support the Boys and Girls Club of America, and donate time and money to the local police and fire departments. But one organization came to mind when presented with the charitable contribution.

“Many of the youth programs have shut down or scaled-down due to Covid,” stated Jamie Enders, President of Lake Chevrolet and Lake Ford. “We wanted to partner with an organization that needed the assistance, and also one where we had multiple connections.

And those multiple connections definitely are close to the Lake Chevrolet family. Multiple employees have children who participate in the band, and they can see the immediate and definite benefit of the contribution.

If you are interested in learning about the Warhawks Band Booster Club, visit their website and learn more.

Every month we choose a new dealership and charity. If you have an organization you partner with that would benefit from the Better Car People Gratitude Campaign, reach out to your Dealer Success Coach for more information or submit your charity here.