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Stop Wasted Follow-Up

Scott Montgomery

Scott Montgomery

23 May, 2022
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Scott Montgomery is the VP of Sales at Better Car People and a leading expert in automotive processes at the dealership. In this article, Scott discusses the importance of customer engagement and winning customers for life.

Engaging with customers is more important than ever before. Low inventory and challenging preowned markets have encouraged customers to search multiple sources online to find what they are looking for. And with only 1 in 3 potential buyers knowing exactly what they want in a vehicle, automotive expertise and communication from the dealer is critical to obtaining and keeping customers. (Cox)

But who has time?

BDCs and Sales Representatives are at full capacity dealing with the customers in front of them and inbound calls. The task flows in CRMs are only as good as the information put in, and are ignored when there is little time in the day. And with the staffing crisis we are facing, making outbound calls and following up with customers is not at the top of the to-do list.

Imagine if the engagement process could be streamlined and enhanced.

The mindless lead response ping-pong game between dealers and buyers can be thrown out for good if we could just get a grip on quality engagement. The average CRM/internet sales process is paralyzed by a template-based 30/60/90-day lead follow-up process. We become so loyal and disciplined to the cadence that we can miss the substance of the inquiry and the preferred channel of communication for the customer.

While a speedy lead response is still critically important, we must not be blinded by speed and miss what our customers are asking and what channel they are communicating on. We need to concentrate on addressing the lead with cross-channel and high-value engagement.

Modern customers expect their lead concerns to be acknowledged and want to know that the dealer is invested in them and their relationship. Fast, quality engagement, not only with the first inquiry but with every inquiry, is what will help win this battle.

Quality engagement demonstrates the dealer’s interest in earning a customer. Recent General Motors Drive Growth studies support the battle of the lead is won and lost from day 0 through day 3. GM Dealers have been achieving phenomenal results from day 0 to day 1, but their business starts slipping away to other dealers beginning as soon as day 1 and as long as day 30.

How are you demonstrating to your customers through timely engagement that you want to not only win them over but also win them for life?

Now What?

Do you need someone to help with customer engagement and give you back time in your day? Better Car People are the engagement experts. With over 1,000 dealerships partnering with us, we know how to connect with customers!

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