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The Key to Selling More Appointments

Sales Tricks
Matthew Belk

Matthew Belk

9 Oct, 2019
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To sell more appointments, you have to polish everything you think you know about your customers and your selling process. When it comes to selling, being consistent and maintaining quality efforts throughout each area of the process is key. 

There’s four main areas that you should be striving towards perfection: understanding your customer, preparing for your customer, the arrival of your customer, and the greeting of your customer. (Hint, hint: notice how all of these include your customer. That’s the most important thing to think about!)

Understanding Your Customer

“Well-educated buyers” have been buzzwords for a while now, but it’s important that you pay attention to how that affects your dealership. Your customers want transparency, and if you give them that, then they’ll trust you.

That trust is key to closing a sale. If you’re ignoring how your customers are changing, then you’re going to see your sales dip down.

It’s hard to give in and be as transparent as you can, but it’ll help you sell despite how it sounds. Customers today do their own research, and by the time they’ve set foot into your dealership, they pretty much know what they want. You can’t give answers that don’t directly answer the question asked without losing the trust of your customers.

Preparing for Your Customer

There’s a few things you need to do before your customer ever arrives at your dealership. We’ve made a handy checklist of questions you should ask yourself while you prepare for your customer.

Everything here focuses on preparing for anything your customer can throw at you and/or your team. You want to have everyone ready to answer any questions your customer could possibly have. The better coordinated your team looks, the better your team looks to the customer.

Preparing for Your CustomerThe Arrival of Your Customer

When your customer arrives to your dealership, you want to make sure everything’s in place for them to feel as welcome and excited as possible. Excited customers are quicker to trust you and convert to sales more often.

Preparing for Your Customer (1)-1Greeting Your Customer

When it comes to greeting your customer, the most important part is the coordination between the sales manager and the sales representative. Your sales manager should be introducing him or herself and handing the customer off to a sales representative. This helps establish trust between the customer and sales rep, so don’t forget about it. 

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