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Tips to Increase Customer Satisfaction in your Service Drive

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BCP Editorial

BCP Editorial

23 Mar, 2021
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We have all been there. We look at our reviews or our CSI hoping to see a different picture, but there it is--another negative review or comment from a service customer on Google or Facebook. Service gets the brunt of negative reviews for many reasons--one of which being we have more people going through the lanes daily and  opportunities for customers to be unhappy with large amounts of money spent. 


Here are some tips to help smooth the edges with service customers, become more transparent, and create positive relationships with them before there is a chance for a negative one.

Build a Rapport with Service Managers


One of the first ways to assist with customer satisfaction is to build a rapport with the customer quickly. Service Advisors go a long way in enabling this relationship, and you need to make sure you hire the right people, train them well, and then continue to foster and develop them so they want to continue their career with you. 


Provide your service managers with the tools they need to engage with your customers in the fashion the customer desires. If it is text, video, chat--make sure everyone is equipped with what they need to do their best. 


Also, a culture that does not promote turn-over is another goal to strive towards. Customers do not like constant change in Service Advisors, and truly appreciated and happy employees translate to great customer service and retention.


Surprise and Delight


I am not sure who first coined the phrase “Surprise and Delight” in regards to customer service, but the companies that do this well develop true loyal fans.  When a return is truly hassle free, I am surprised and delighted. When customer service goes out of their way to ensure my issue is resolved, I share the experience with as many people as I can. 


How can service “Surprise and Delight” their customers? (Hint--it is more than free coffee and WiFi)


Remote Services are a topic of discussion, and have been for quite some time. The past year has thrown this issue back into the mix, and with good reason. People LOVE the idea that a dealership could come to their location to complete warranty or basic services. And while the majority of service opportunities must be done at the dealership, there are some that can be scheduled off-site. And just the ability to offer that (with your specific caveats) will surprise and delight customers.

Pickup and Drop-Off Services are yet another way to go above and beyond for your service customers. The majority will not take you up on this service, but the ones who do will appreciate it. Some best practices are to add this to your website and service scheduler, but add the limitations needed to make this a realistic offering. (ie--within 40 miles or Call for more information on our Pickup and Drop-Off Services


Video Video Video


This may be one of the best ways to connect with customers, be transparent, and increase ROs all at once. Technician Videos have become more of a norm than a novelty, and if you do not have a process or a solution to assist with this, I would make sure you did. Nothing makes a customer feel more comfortable with an additional service than seeing an actual video of their car, the tech explaining what is needed, and then the options that are available. 


A simple texted video can make your service center stand out, increase customer satisfaction, and keep you ahead of the competition. 


You can do all of the above well, but if you are not engaging with every single service lead, you will be missing out on future loyal service customers. Your BDC should not only be answering service leads and setting appointments, but reaching out to your manifest lists and connecting with lost service customers. 


If you do not have a team of automotive experts doing this, reach out and we can help!