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The Art of the Close: How to Convert Auto Leads Into Sales


Closing a car sale is an essential skill for any salesperson, and mastering it can significantly contribute to the success of a dealership. It isn’t enough to simply generate leads and then sit back and watch them roll in. To convert auto leads into sales, you need to follow-up, qualify, and actively engage potential customers. You need a strong car sales close, but you also need the right tools and technology. We’ll show you how.

6 Best Car Sales Closes

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for how to close a deal in car sales. To convert auto leads into closed deals, successful salespeople often combine several of the below techniques, adapting the car sales process based on the customer's response.

1. Assumptive Close

What It Is: The salesperson acts as if the deal is complete by presenting paperwork or discussing financing options.

Why It Works: The assumptive close puts the customer in a positive mindset and demonstrates the salesperson’s confidence, increasing the chances of closing the deal.

Hot Tip: Use language that implies the customer has already decided to make the purchase, like “When would you like to arrange for delivery?”

2. Urgency Close

What It Is: The salesperson highlights limited-time offers or promotions that the customer could miss out on if they don't buy today.

Why It Works: Creating a sense of urgency and a “fear of missing out” helps customers make decisions quickly.

Hot Tip: Be as specific as possible about when the offer or promotion ends and what the customer will get.

3. Summary Close

What It Is: The salesperson summarizes the key features and benefits of the car to help the customer feel confident in their decision.

Why It Works: A car is a big purchase, and customers want to know they’re making the right decision. Reinforcing the benefits is key to convert auto leads to sales.

Hot Tip: Keep it positive and use the opportunity to address any concerns the customer may have.

4. Silent Close

What It Is: The salesperson presents an offer and then stays silent, allowing the customer to contemplate and respond.

Why It Works: Silence can be a powerful motivator, giving customers the space to think and make decisions without external pressure.

Hot Tip: Avoid the urge to fill the silence. Let the customer think without external influence.

5. Option Close

What It Is: The salesperson presents multiple options, allowing the customer to choose the one that best suits their needs.

Why It Works: Providing choices empowers customers, making them more invested in the decision-making process.

Hot Tip: Clearly explain the differences between each option to facilitate decision-making.

6. Compliment Close

What It Is: The salesperson simply compliments the customer on their wise decision to purchase the car.

Why It Works: Genuine compliments build rapport and confidence, creating a positive atmosphere that supports the closing process.

Hot Tip: Be genuine and specific, for example, complimenting the customer on their thriftiness or their concern for their children’s safety.

How to Convert Auto Leads into Sales: Top Tips for Salespeople

Salespeople need more than a good closing strategy to convert auto leads. Closing a car sale is about the entire process, starting the moment you generate a lead. It’s a holistic approach that takes practice – and a little help from technology.

Respond to Leads Immediately

The longer you wait to respond to a lead, the more likely the potential customer will look elsewhere. Whether the lead comes in through the contact form on your website, a phone call, or a third-party website, you need to respond within 10 to 20 minutes. That’s why many dealerships turn to outsourced automotive BDCs (business development centers) like Better Car People to automatically respond to leads.

Qualify Your Leads

Qualifying leads is incredibly important for determining how to turn leads into sales. Here are some things that indicate a high level of intent to buy:

  • Showing interest in a specific car model or trim
  • Requesting detailed pricing or financing options
  • Having pre-approval for financing
  • Expressing that they have a short timeline or window in which to buy
  • Significant life events like moving or adding to the family
  • Responding quickly to calls and emails or visiting the showroom
  • Repeat customers or referrals from satisfied customers

A good BDC will not only respond quickly, but engage the prospect with questions that uncover new information, helping you qualify leads and streamline the sales process.

Tailor Your Approach

No two customers are alike. To convert auto leads into sales, you need to zero in on their challenges, build rapport, establish trust, and offer solutions. Active listening is key: Use the sales 70/30 rule, which states that the salesperson should only be doing the talking 30% of the time. To get a customer talking, ask open-ended questions like:

  • What will you mainly use the vehicle for (commuting, family activities, towing)?
  • What’s your biggest challenge with your current car?
  • What do you like and dislike about your current car?
  • What do you like about the model you’re interested in?

Then highlight specific features that align with their interests and can solve their challenges.

Don’t Give Up

It can take up to 15 tries to finally figure out how to convert a lead to a customer. If a promising lead doesn’t answer the phone or disappears from your funnel, don’t give up. Develop a lead nurture strategy that includes emails and phone calls. Continue to send them offers and deals, especially on the vehicle they were interested in. It can be difficult for salespeople to find the time for this, but it’s the perfect task to outsource to a BDC. When you follow up regularly, you increase your chance of conversion.

Leverage Data and Technology

In today's digital age, technology plays a crucial role in the sales process. Use customer relationship management (CRM) software to stay on top of follow-ups and nurture relationships. Let customers explore your inventory remotely with virtual showrooms and online tools. Automate lead qualification and excel at customer service with chatbots. Use data analytics tools and BDC trackers to learn what works and what doesn’t. All of these solutions will enhance your ability to convert auto leads.

Turn Leads Into Sales With Better Car People

Closing a car sale is all about responding quickly, building rapport, and getting the information you need to tailor your approach. It’s about never giving up, even if you haven’t heard from them in a while. But all of this takes time and resources – and sometimes it’s resources your dealership doesn’t have.

That’s why automating your processes is key to how to turn leads into sales. Better Car People takes the pressure off your salespeople with live, on-shore agents who respond to leads 24/7/365. We’ll follow up, get more information, and book appointments, all while making a great first impression. Schedule a quick demo and see how we can help you convert auto leads into sales.


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