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Automotive Industry

What Does BDC Mean in the Automotive Industry?

August 18, 2023 By BCP Editorial

The automotive industry is on the upswing. The shift to online comparing and buying is nearly complete, and dealerships are quickly adapting to this new digital reality. The supply chain issues and...

Automotive Industry

Should You Hire an Auto Dealer Consultant?

August 16, 2023 By BCP Editorial

As e-commerce becomes the core of the car buying experience, dealerships have to figure out ways to stand out from the competition and continue to drive sales. Dealers must compete with not only...

Automotive Industry

Automotive Dealership Call Center vs. BDC: Which to Choose

August 15, 2023 By BCP Editorial

Modern customers have more options to purchase a car than ever before. Customers can shop, compare, and even buy, completely online. Their car reminds them when it’s time for service, and they can...

Automotive Industry Customer Engagement Driving Growth

Customer Engagement Journey | Win with Impeccable Engagement

June 26, 2023 By Aimi Gundersen

The online purchasing process and digital retailing have made purchasing a car more convenient and personalized, but how many dealerships are truly selling vehicles online?

Automotive Industry Customer Engagement Driving Growth

Unlock More Opportunities from Your BDC

May 26, 2023 By Aimi Gundersen

Running and managing a successful Dealership Business Development Center (BDC) is essential for any automotive dealership. BDCs are the bridge between customers and dealerships, helping to secure...

Automotive Industry Strategy Better Appointments Customer Engagement Appointment Setting

Spring Into Success with Your BDC Team

April 25, 2023 By Aimi Gundersen

A successful business development center (BDC) is essential for any dealership, providing a direct connection to customers’ needs and desires. The first engagement prospects have with your dealership...

Automotive Industry Automotive Marketing Customer Engagement

The "Madness" of Ignoring Your Leads

March 28, 2023 By Aimi Gundersen

March Madness should be a holiday. Everyone is watching the games anyway, so why not go ahead and just make it official?

Just Sayin’.

I have been thinking about how the great teams, the dynasties,...

Automotive Industry Customer Engagement

Videos & Selling Cars: 4 Tips for Personalization

February 27, 2023 By Aimi Gundersen

Personalization is the key to long lasting relationships. And what better month than February to discuss building personalized relationships with customers that win them over and last? And what...

Automotive Industry Automotive Marketing Better Appointments Customer Engagement

How to Engage with Customers in a Post-Shortage Automotive Environment

January 23, 2023 By Aimi Gundersen

 If you have gotten used to sparse new inventory, immediate turns on vehicles, and almost non–existent floor-plans, you may want to sit down.

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