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Automotive Industry Strategy Sales Tricks

The Art of the Close: How to Convert Auto Leads Into Sales

February 19, 2024 By BCP Editorial

Closing a car sale is an essential skill for any salesperson, and mastering it can significantly contribute to the success of a dealership. It isn’t enough to simply generate leads and then sit back...

Automotive Industry Sales Tricks

BDC vs. Salespeople: Sales BDC Use Cases

February 2, 2024 By BCP Editorial

In today’s competitive automotive industry, every lead and interaction can make the difference between a successful sale and a missed opportunity. Sales is getting a makeover, while the growing...

Automotive Industry Sales Tricks

How to Get More Auto Sales Leads in 2024

January 23, 2024 By BCP Editorial

The auto sales industry runs on leads. While repeat customers are important, your dealership is ultimately powered by a consistent flow of new customers. The past few years have been challenging,...

Sales Tricks

How to Streamline Auto Sales

December 22, 2023 By BCP Editorial

As the digital revolution continues to sweep across the automotive landscape, the need to streamline auto sales processes is becoming essential. Lengthy procedures and tedious paperwork are out....

Strategy Sales Tricks

10 Steps to Car Sales: Your Complete Guide

December 13, 2023 By BCP Editorial

There’s no denying that the car sales process is changing. Most customers already know what they want when they come to your dealership, right down to the specific car. As customers become more...

Automotive Industry Automotive Marketing Sales Tricks

3 Ways to Give Your BDC a Holiday Boost

October 20, 2022 By Aimi Gundersen

The Holiday Season is fast upon us. The commercials are already airing, and the holiday decorations taking over stores. Every year the holidays seem to come sooner, and this year is even more...

Automotive Industry Strategy Customer Engagement Appointment Setting Sales Tricks

Is a Virtual BDC Right for You?

August 3, 2022 By Aimi Gundersen

More and more car shoppers are beginning the process of purchasing a vehicle online. This Digital Transformation is not surprising given that the ease of online shopping provides so many benefits to...

Customer Engagement Sales Tricks Service Tips

3 Ways Video will Bridge the Engagement Gap

July 7, 2022 By Aimi Gundersen

One thing that our changing world has taught us is that those who are able to pivot quickly and are not scared to try new technologies are the ones who will continue to stay relevant during times...

Automotive Industry Automotive Marketing Customer Engagement Driving Growth Sales Tricks

Importance of a Fast Lead Response in the Automotive Industry

April 25, 2022 By BCP Editorial

In an industry where "The first to engage wins" it is vital to ensure customers are engaging with your dealership efficiently. It is more than being “fast,” it is also being responsive, alert, and...

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