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Automotive Industry Strategy Sales Tricks

The Art of the Close: How to Convert Auto Leads Into Sales

February 19, 2024 By BCP Editorial

Closing a car sale is an essential skill for any salesperson, and mastering it can significantly contribute to the success of a dealership. It isn’t enough to simply generate leads and then sit back...

Automotive Industry Strategy

When Your BDC Is a GM PASE Program Vendor, Everyone Wins

February 16, 2024 By BCP Editorial

In the ever-evolving automotive industry, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for manufacturers and dealerships alike. That’s why General Motors (GM) introduced the Parts and Service Excellence...

Automotive Industry Strategy

6 Auto Trends for GM Dealers to Watch in 2024

February 14, 2024 By BCP Editorial

What’s going on in the automotive industry? In the past few years, production interruptions, supply chain shortages, logistics issues, and fluctuating demand for electric vehicles (EVs) have left...

Automotive Industry Strategy

Top 4 Benefits of OnStar for Dealerships

January 31, 2024 By BCP Editorial

Developed by General Motors (GM), OnStar was the automotive industry’s first embedded connected car system, debuting in 1996 in select Cadillac models. Vehicle diagnostics, the OnStar feature that...

Automotive Industry Automotive Marketing Strategy Driving Growth

2023 Dealer Benchmark Report

January 29, 2024 By Aaron Kleinhandler

Better Car People is all about 360 Customer Engagement. Our focus is to make the customer experience seamless across any channel and helping dealers improve on this and sell more cars. That is why I...

Strategy Sales Tricks

10 Steps to Car Sales: Your Complete Guide

December 13, 2023 By BCP Editorial

There’s no denying that the car sales process is changing. Most customers already know what they want when they come to your dealership, right down to the specific car. As customers become more...

Automotive Industry Strategy

The Pros & Cons of In-House BDCs at Car Dealerships

December 11, 2023 By BCP Editorial

In today's digital age, car dealerships are increasingly relying on technology-driven processes to boost sales and provide excellent customer service. One such strategy is the establishment of a...

Automotive Industry Strategy Better Appointments Customer Engagement Appointment Setting

Spring Into Success with Your BDC Team

April 25, 2023 By Aimi Gundersen

A successful business development center (BDC) is essential for any dealership, providing a direct connection to customers’ needs and desires. The first engagement prospects have with your dealership...

Automotive Industry Strategy Customer Engagement Driving Growth

Top 5 Industry Updates from 2022

December 27, 2022 By Aimi Gundersen

Here we are again–ready to say goodbye to one year and welcome a new one. A year that holds new opportunities, new approaches, and new vision. BCP is here to help guide you through all the new, while...

Automotive Industry Strategy Customer Engagement Driving Growth Leadership Advice

2023 Dealership Playbook: State of the Industry and Path for Success

November 15, 2022 By Aimi Gundersen

The automotive landscape has continued to develop, grow, and shift throughout 2022. The virtual retailing process is a mainstay in automotive’s digital transformation, and this is much more than just...

Automotive Industry Strategy Customer Engagement Appointment Setting Sales Tricks

Is a Virtual BDC Right for You?

August 3, 2022 By Aimi Gundersen

More and more car shoppers are beginning the process of purchasing a vehicle online. This Digital Transformation is not surprising given that the ease of online shopping provides so many benefits to...

Automotive Marketing Strategy Customer Engagement Sales Tricks

3 Keys to Winning Email Mystery Shops

January 10, 2022 By Aimi Gundersen

Regardless of what OEM or brand you work with, mystery shops have either returned or become more important in 2022. With money tied to performance, it can be a chore to ensure that every aspect of...

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