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Top 5 Online Resources for Automotive Digital Marketers

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BCP Editorial

BCP Editorial

9 Aug, 2021
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Automotive Marketing, both sales and aftersales, is incredibly dynamic. The only constant is change, and you need to stay ahead of all the trends. There are many resources that can keep you “in the know,” and below are some of the favorites for BCP content creators. If you are looking for articles to read, or are looking for places to ask questions and start discussions, these sites below will be your new go-to resource for all things digital automotive.


Dealer Refresh


This was one of the first automotive forums BCP participated in years ago, and it is still providing excellent and relevant content today. It has been around since 2005, and has definitely made its mark on the automotive landscape.


Once you create a profile, you can interact with anyone on the site (including automotive experts), pose questions, engage in conversations, get information about technologies--just about anything you may need.


Dealer Refresh was created as a way for dealers to have conversations, ask questions, and find best practices.  If you have a question on anything from BDC pay plans to what CRM is the most user friendly, this is your place. 


There are also some great thought leadership articles, blogs, and infographics that will continue to keep you on top of the automotive game.


Automotive News


This is an obvious go-to for all automotive news, all the time. Automotive New is a weekly subscription that keeps you in the know and has expertly vetted articles to keep your knowledge base current. 


The paid subscription is definitely worth it, as you will have access to both online and print (if you want it) as well as specific articles that are only available to paid members. Finally, there is  great video content and links to other resources as well. Automotive News is a powerhouse for industry information.


Local Search Tuesdays


SEO (Search Engine Optimization), once ignored or put on the back burner, has become a hot topic again - especially since many automotive groups and dealerships scaled back slightly on paid search and turned their focus to more organic options. Local Search Tuesdays, hosted by Greg Gifford, is a short, engaging, and incredibly informative video series that hits on relevant local SEO topics. 


From optimizing Google My Business to knowing how to evaluate your site in the midst of new Google algorithms, Greg Gifford will break down the content, help you understand it, and give you additional resources to help you work towards being a local SEO expert.


Driving Sales


Driving Sales has been an industry leader for years. Most everyone has heard of the Driving Sales Executive Summit, and their educational platform has provided training and support for just about every area in automotive.


Their Blog and Forum section are great resources to ask questions, participate in thoughtful discussions, and network with some of automotive’s leading experts. And if you are an emerging automotive blogger and would like to have your blog post featured on Driving Sales, you can apply for that as well.


Facebook Automarketing Collective


When it comes to paid social advertising, Facebook is definitely the giant. With over 500 million viewers watching 100 million hours of Facebook videos daily, this is where you want your dealership messaging broadcast. 


But sometimes, it can be difficult to know what is working, the best ads to run, and how to troubleshoot when something goes wrong. 


Thanks to Bob Lanham, Head of Automotive Retail for Facebook, we can join a Facebook group that has best practices, examples, and CONNECTIONS when you need an answer. Recently a dealer I was working with was able to resolve an issue that they were working on for months. Within a day of posting the question in this group, there was an answer and a resolution. 


This page is pure gold for automotive marketers.


You do have to join the group, but once you are in, feel free to ask questions, share successes, and gain all the knowledge you can!

Added Bonus


We would be remiss if we did not also highlight the ever current, always relevant, and incredibly insightful Industry Updates  - BCPs blog to help automotive stay abreast of new trends and turns in the industry. 


Obviously you have heard of it--you are reading it right now! But here is a link to the full Industry Update page. 


And if there are topics you would like covered or questions you would like answered, reach out to marketing@bcp.com and we add them to our queue!