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4 Tips that Get Appointments to Show


Let’s face it, setting an appointment is only the first hurdle when you’re working with a customer. Getting customers to show up for their appointments can be frustrating, and it’s disappointing when a customer engages and then does not show up.

Are you confirming appointments?

The process you have for confirming appointments is a great place to start to diminish this problem. While you’ll always have people who don’t show up for appointments, following these steps will help minimize how often a no show happens.


Use Your CRM


If you’re not using your CRM to keep track of your appointments, then you need to. You can also use an appointment system, but a CRM will keep things simple for you and your dealership as a whole. You can use most CRMs to set appointments and to send reminders, which saves you time and serves to double check with your customers.


You can use your CRM’s automation tool to easily do this. Every CRM is different, and your process for setting up automations can vary, but it’s worth looking into. Utilizing every aspect of your CRM can benefit your dealership in many different ways.


Confirmation, Confirmation, Confirmation!


Confirming with your customers is key to actually getting them to show. Life is busy, and we’re all humans. How often have you forgotten a meeting or an appointment, only to be reminded by a ding on your calendar or a reminder text?


There’s different ways you can go about confirming with your customers, such as having an immediate email sent and a manager calling the day of, or sending reminder texts the day prior to the appointment. However, the most important part is consistency. You need to be confirming multiple times with every appointment you have set. 

Be Helpful


This is another area where your CRM’s automation can come in handy. Send information to your customers that will help them before they even enter the doors of your dealership. Things like walkaround videos, similar cars, and just being available for questions before they ever walk in goes a long way with people. 


Plus, by sending customers information for them to think about, they’re going to come into the dealership more prepared and more trusting of you. You’ll be able to sell better and more often, and your customers and sales representatives are going to have a much more positive experience.


Follow Up Missed Appointments


Life happens; don’t just assume that a customer isn’t interested in buying a vehicle when they don’t show up for an appointment. There’s a lot of different reasons why someone would miss an appointment, and by following up with them, you can salvage some sales.


Typically, it’s a good idea for managers to handle the follow-up process. Customers feel more appreciated if a manager is touching base with them, and they’ll be more likely to schedule another appointment if they forgot about the first one. A hand-off process between the manager and the sales representative will build trust in both people and the dealership as a whole.





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