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As we consistently strive to not only better our dealership partners, but also provide more value, BCP has changed up the way we offer our engagement solutions to our dealerships.


Engaging with a customer is NOT a one-stop-shop, and many times, it takes a collaboration of quality processes to consistently win over the customer and bring her/him to your dealership. And whether we are discussing sales or service, BCP knows not only how to engage with customers, but how to create the initial relationship and build value. Our data shows us how customers interact with technology, which platforms they set appointments on, and how frequently they should be connected with prior to setting an appointment.  


And now we have put it all together for an easy to utilize suite of solutions that, together, create the most powerful way to engage with customers.


Sales Platform:


We keep things simple, because simple will get the job done right without any confusion. BCP has combined all of the proven engagement solutions for sales into one platform, one price, with great results. From converting online leads into on-site appointments, to contacting after-hour leads, to prioritizing and engaging with customers, BCP will supercharge your sales BDC.


 Included in this platform are the top engaging solutions:

  • Virtual BDC - Our scalable BDC solution fits the needs of your dealership, regardless of size!  
  • BCP Outbound - experienced automotive agents mine your manifest lists for new opportunities. Plus * The First 50 Leads are Free *
  • Overnight BDC - This is where we started, and where we began perfecting automotive customer engagement. This hyper-targeted email response uses live agents and responds to customers within 10 minutes 24/7/365.
  • BCP Chat: The best mix of our intelligent AI and Real People.


Of course, you can purchase these solutions a-la carte, however, the winning combination and the incredible pricing may have you wondering why anyone ever would.


Service Platform:


If 2020 demonstrated anything, it is the true and real value of our service department on the overall health of the dealership. When many had to close the door for sales, service was essential and kept the customers coming in.


We need to ensure customers are communicated with, know when they need to set appointments, and then make it easy for them to do so. Because the easier the process is, the more likely the customer will set the appointment.

Not every dealership has a Service BDC, but with the importance of each service customer, it is time to make sure you do. And if you already have a BDC, but know you need a solution focused solely on service, we are your best solution at a fraction of the cost of one employee.


We have taken our best performing service engagement solutions and bundled them (just like we did with sales) to offer you great pricing on remarkable products. And with one price for all three, it just makes sense.

  • DMN Response - Works specifically with OnStar leads to allow customers to set appointments via a highly engaging and easy to navigate email. Reduce calls into your service lane and increase appointments.
  • Active DMN - Our automotive engagement experts will follow up with any DMN prospects who have not set an appointment. Increase your overall DMN appointment ratio
  • BCP Outbound - Experienced agents mine your manifest lists for new or overlooked opportunities


BCP is excited to share these packages with you and can’t wait to help with any or all of your engagement needs. 2020 may have been tough, but BCP can help you turn 2021 around.


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